Update On Hall Projects

By Constable Hall on May 1, 2022

Even though our events and tours were impacted during 2021, many projects went forward.

  • The garden restoration continued during 2021. We have completed removing the weeds from two triangles that will be re-planted this summer and we are setting up a third triangle as an herb garden. A composting system has been set up. During 2022 we look forward to adding railings on the steps, continue leveling the garden by adding dirt, improving the irrigation system, and refining the walkway edges.
  • The entrance driveway had much unsightly brush removed.
  • A major cleanout in front of the Hall has been completed. The view from the Hall porch has been restored and the Hall is again visible from Route 26.
  • A Memorial Grove along the driveway has been cleaned out. During 2022, a Veterans recognition monument and a couple benches will be added.
  • New roofs were put on the Servants Quarters and Carriage House outbuildings. Both of the old roofs were leaking.
  • The Carriage House clapboards were in a state of advanced decay. They have been replaced by new ones with the historically correct red color.
  • The four chimneys of the Hall had been leaking for years. During late 2021, masonry repair and new chimney caps were put on and the problem appears to be solved.

 Active 2022 projects:

  • The old gift shop has been cleaned out and will be turned into the Oneida room. This room will feature the early history of the Constable family and their interactions with the Oneida Nation. The Gift shop is moving into the Carriage House.
  • The Executive Director’s office is also moving into the Carriage House. The vacated room will return to its historically correct role as a Land Office.
  • The brush around the pond will be cleaned out. The pond will be dredged, and proper ditching restored.
  • A dangerous White Pine hanging over the Hall will be taken down and others trimmed.
  • The roofs over the Land Office and chapel have minor leaks. They will be inspected, repaired and their flashing improved.
  • Textile and furniture experts will be visiting the Hall this summer to assess the collection.
  • Improvements will be made to our security system.

These improvements cost a significant amount of money. We wish to thank the Northern New York Community Foundation and the Kenneth V. and Jeannette Remp Sawyer Community Fund, Bob and Nellie Gipson of the Tianaderrah Foundation, Harry and Grace Rissietto, and several anonymous donors.

And of course, our many members and supporters donate time and money to make these important changes possible.