Constable Hall Family Challenge

For those of you who have started with your Challenge activities…. If you finish up in the next two weeks, we would love to have you help raise the flag at the Hall over Memorial Day weekend! The activities are simple and fun!!! (Scroll down to check out the activity brochure.)

Join our Facebook Group, Constable Hall Challenge, and enjoy fun family activities like the Constables would have participated in. It can be done virtually, in person, or both. You can email us for a brochure, or print it off our Facebook page or click here for the Constable Hall Challenge Brochure

You can let us know what you have done with photos on our Facebook, email, or send us a letter. (It can be as “old school” or “new school” as you like.) Just a few of the activities listed are an outdoor scavenger hunt, Christmas activities, crafts, games and sports, etc. Meet the challenge and get some cool stuff, including a free pizza at the pizzeria of your choice!

Adopt a birdhouse! NEW for our Challenge!! Our birdhouses are looking quite “rough” (or MIA!) We would like to encourage families, 4-H groups, Girl Scouts or ANYBODY that is interested, to build a birdhouse to be displayed on the grounds next season. If building one isn’t feasible, purchase one and paint it so it has a “historical twist”. Maybe make it into an old church, school, log cabin, stone house or mansion! They are part of our outdoor Scavenger Hunt, so we would love to have some fun ones on the trail. This could certainly be used as one of the activities! (Just please contact us, for color and/or size recommendations.)

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