The chartered mission of Constable Hall contains the provision to “memorialize those persons of Lewis County who fought to preserve our country as a free and united nation”. The sense of service runs deeply within the Constable family. The last Constable Hall owner, John P. Constable Jr., served in World War II. Some of his children and grandchildren have also served.

In 2023, a Veteran’s Monument was placed at the Memorial Grove commemorating all Lewis County Veterans.

In 2022, we constructed a Memorial Grove – located to the left of the driveway as you approach Constable Hall. Enjoy a leisurely walk through the woods and enjoy the beautiful view.

In 2021 we hosted an Veteran’s Appreciation Day on August 8.

Unfortunately, no events were held in 2020 – the COVID year.

In 2019, we highlighted the service of the Third Battalion of Black River Artillery during the Civil War. It formed the companies I, K, L, and M of the 5th NY Heavy Artillery. The battalion served between September 1862 and June 1865. Articles were on display at the Hall.

Company I – New Bremen, Martinsburg, Lowville, and Greig.

Company K – Turin, Leyden, Highmarket, Grieg, and Theresa.

Company L – Lowville, Watson, Denmark, Martinsburg, Diana, and Montague.

Company M – Denmark, Harrisburg, Pinckney, Montague, Champion, Croghan, and Wilna.

What is a heavy artillery regiment? They were formed to defend the many fortifications around Washington and other Northern cities. By the end of the war, in 1864, they were often pressed into field service as infantry to fill up the depleted army ranks.

The 5th NY Heavy Artillery lost 98 killed in action and 294 died of disease. 150 were wounded. They were stationed near Harper’s Ferry and Washington and in 1864 took part in the Virginia campaign.

Private Alvah Carley, Lowville. Died of disease.

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Private David McConnell, Greig.

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The book Where Brave Men Sleep by Charles C. Shaw is an excellent reference for the cemetery locations of Lewis County Civil War veterans.

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