My visit to Constable Hall was beyond amazing! I was given a first rate tour from Jayne. I think the best part was how intimate the infromation was given about the family. If there is any chance to visit this gem, please do."
- Ann, Lee Center NY
We enjoyed our time at the historic Constable Hall, the staff was very welcoming, the mansion was impressive and well kept to the time period. The Ferris concert was fantastic."
- Joel, Austin TX
I enjoyed a self guided tour of the mansion in August 2018 before the annual concert and dinner. Each room is set up exactly as if the Constables were living there today. The furniture, linens and household items are amazing! You can actually imagine the family in each of the rooms.

It’s a wonderful place."
- Rose, Waterville NY
Great place to visit in the North Country. Very well preserved home with lots of history. In fact, it’s believed that “Night Before Christmas” was written there. Make sure you also tour amazing gardens."
- Alice C., Virginia
Today we toured Constable Hall, which was built in 1819. Such a historical place, full of artifacts (including a paperweight given to the Constables by Alexander Hamilton!). Our wonderful tour guide, Jane, filled us in on all the stories of this historical treasure. The mansion was the inspiration for The Night Before Christmas, written by the family’s cousin and visitor, C. Clement Moore."
- Nancy E., NY
Constable Hall is a hidden gem of a historic site off the beaten path in northern NY – from the design of its buildings, to the collections, to the historic gardens, … it shines.

Architects, landscape architects and historians need to visit this site. It is well worth the trek."
- John, Architect & Nancy, Historian - Montpelier, VT
Immense amount of local history in this small, rural setting! I grew up here, and still can’t get enough! If you have never been to Constable Hall, you don’t know jack about New York history! Trade with China … the Edison connection .. interaction with local “Indians” … rumors of huntings.

The Constables had VAST land holdings in New York .. and in the the words of one tour guide, they “flew just under the radar of history”. This should be required learning in schools."
- Ryan W., NY
One of my earliest memories is connected with the famous old Constable Hall in Constableville. One summer day, I was taken in my baby-cart to visit the garden back of the house. I still remember the shadows of the tall maples on the long driveway which extends from the little village to the hall. I dearly remember, too, the beauty of the dark evergreens that surround the house and the garden warm and fragrant with its old-world roses. But what I remember best of all is John Constable, himself. Tall, silver-haired and courtly, he came down the garden path. “Do you like figs, little girl?” he said. I didn’t know, never having seen or heard of one. When I said so, he went into the house and returned with one for me. I’ve never forgotten his old-fashioned grace and courtliness as he gave it to me.

Mother used to say, “You don’t really remember that. You’ve heard us tell about it.” I finally convinced her that I did by telling her what dress I wore – something she had utterly forgotten. It was a lavender and white muslin with low neck and puffs for sleeves.

Probably written in the 1920s about a visit in the 1880s. Alice grew up on James Street, Constableville and became a noted writer of books and stories for children."
- Alice E. Allen, Lowville
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