Build a Bluebird House in the Servants Quarters

We have 10 bluebird house kits available from John Rogers, co-founder of the NYS Eastern Bluebird Society.  He came and did a wonderful presentation on bluebirds and their habitats last spring. His kits are all pre-cut, pre-drilled, and come with everything needed, even the screws and nails! For just $15.00 you can reserve a kit to be built with us here in the Servants Quarters.  All you need is a small Phillips and regular screw driver and a hammer. It even comes with directions on hanging it up to better encourage bluebirds to your yard. It should only take an hour, and is also great for kids.  If you are interested, don’t forget to reserve your kit.  We only have 10!

Constable Hall/Events/Build a Bluebird House in the Servants Quarters

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