Lacrosse Shoot-Out!

Boys and girls up to age 12  are invited to the Hall for a lacrosse shoot-out!  This involves shots on the goal from different distances, and the ones with the best aim wins!!!  We will have ages 8 and under shooting at ten yards, ages 9/10 will shoot from fifteen yards and ages 11/12 will shoot from 20 yards.  Prizes will be available to the top three shots. We have medallions for the first 50 kids that register.  The goal will be set up on the front lawn, next to the field where the Oneida Nation used to camp!   Just $10.00 to enter, and the cost includes a tour of the Hall.  Contact the Hall for more details or to sign up. Participants are encouraged to also bring some black tea to be included to our donation to the 250th Anniversary of the Boston Tea Party.  (The Boston Tea Harbor Museum is having a 250th celebration and “dumping tea” in the harbor to commemorate it.)  We will even have some quill pens to use to put their “John Hancock” on a poster for it.


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