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Constable Hall is located in Adirondacks Tughill Region of Lewis County, New York. This Federal style limestone building was built in the early 1800's.

Bring your family & friends for a step back in time to experience a rich history and relaxing day on the grounds of this prestigious estate.

I. William Constable Sr.'s Lawyer was Alexander Hamilton and he also associated with George Washington, The Pierreponts, Gouverneur Morris, Robert Morris, The Marquis De Lafayette and many others.

II. The walls of Constable Hall are around 18 inches thick and the stone was probably quarried nearby in Talcottville

III .The Hall comes in with just under 9,000 square feet, not including the two covered porches that run the length of back of the Hall.

IV. Construction started in 1810 and finished in 1819, this may have been due to the logistics of getting materials to the site and the war of 1812 taking away from the labor force.

V. The Constable Family was involved in Macomb's Purchase, which is the largest in the history of the state of New York. It was about 3.6 million acres and almost 10% of the state.

VI. Clement Clarke Moore wrote "Twas The Night Before Christmas" He was Mary Eliza's cousin and he visited Constable Hall. In the poem first they have to throw open the shutters before throwing up the sash. Constable Hall features interior shutters.

VII. The builder, William Constable Jr. wanted a small country estate on his land holdings, unfortunately he never lived in the home. As the home was nearing completion, he was injured while placing a 10 ton stone for the front portico. The injuries were severe and although he lived another 2 years he was unable to move into his new home.

VIII. He died without a will, leaving his 33 year old wife, Mary Eliza with 5 children under the age of 13. Since there was no will, the estate was for the most part held in trust for the children, this left Mary with little income so she petitioned the Lewis County court for custody of her children. When this was granted she was able to act in their best interests and the estate thrived.

IX. The Hall was only a summer home until Mary Eliza moved in year round in 1853. It was used as a starting point for many trips into the wilderness to explore the land holdings and for simple recreation. One favorite spot was Constable Point on Raquette Lake. Even the Constable women would go on these trips, making them among the first ladies to explore the Adirondacks.

X. The home was owned by the family until 1948 when it was sold by John Pierrepont-Constable Jr. to H.P. Lewis, his wife and his sister, Grace Cornwall at a total cost of $10,000 (the house, 11 other buildings and 22 acres). It was only sold on the condition that it be preserved as a historic house museum.

XI. Next came two years of restoration, bringing the Hall back to its original condition by 1949. Then July 17th Constable Hall Association opened to the public and we have been open seasonally ever since. They also built a fire hall for Beaver Falls (important to have when you run a paper company); a community center and supported the idea of a public school. They also supported the development of the Lewis County General Hospital. Grace Lewis Cornwall was also a leader in the equal franchise movement in the county. She led 16 groups that worked for the franchise for women. In 1917 only one town , Highmarket , voted affirmatively by two votes. However the urban areas of the state passed suffrage by about 100,000 votes.

XII. During the restoration 13 tons of plaster were removed.

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