Constable Hall Museum - A Time Capsule


The garden is among the oldest in the northeast and it remains in its original form. Gina Mallette(Chief Gardener), welcomes extra hands in the gardens. Restoring this beautiful Historical Garden takes the work of many gardeners. Contact Gina at (315) 348-8280 for scheduling to assist in the garden.

The Essence of the Garden
The 16 triangles and walkways are in the shape of St. Andrews' Cross. Mary Eliza Constable's family was from Scotland. Her father traded linen from Ireland to New York City.

The sundial was placed in 1876 and it is off by one hour, can you tell us why?

Chief Gardener, Gina Mallette at Constable Hall directs visitors to the garden

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Constable Hall, 5909 John St, Constableville, NY 13325, USA | (315) 397-2323 |